The world of Music & Video Technology is fascinating for Adults and Kids alike!

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The unique award-winning, crafty and compassionate Professor David Musial, teaches about song lyric and then melody writing, and he simultaneously uses Music Technology which is already in the students hands to create a soundtrack and then coaches the students to rap & sing about their hobbies or social concerns. David teaches them that the difference between a “singer” and an “artist”, is that the latter is a STORY TELLER!

David has composed hundreds of diverse, thought provoking and fun songs; utilizing the Music Tech tools his students already have in their iPhones and iPads and more. He studies the hobby interests of his students, and then teaches them to write lyrics about one of these topics (or more). The parents are often pleasantly surprised! This technique also teaches the student the reason for “note values”, and helps them to understand “rhythm”; which leads them to better explore the awesome “Apple Loop” sound recordings in the incredible Apple Computer program “GarageBand®”. David then teaches them LOGIC Pro® and Pro Tools®, then the Minimoog® (his he has had for 40 years), the new state-of-the-art Roli SeaboardTM and more! Top put the “icing on the cake”, Prof. Musial in the process teaches college seniors, how to teach Music Technology. This is the basis of
his trademarked “Smart Trax® Institute Of Technology” process. There are 10 unique stories on each MusicTech KidsTM Album, and many have Music Videos designed and produced by Musial as well. Crank the speakers and enjoy!

Professor David Musial has dedicated 50 years, learning & mastering this art and since 1990, he has been a teacher on the university level. Professor David Musial is a master multi-platinum, Audio & Video Engineer & Producer, and as an award- winning professor he teaches college students and KIDS, how to use the power of Music Technology to create Music and Music Videos. Prof. Musial received full private sponsorships to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, and teaching fellowships to New York University for his Graduate work toward his Doctorate studies in Music Psychology & Technology. Prof.

Musial has produced a multitude of live music shows for children all over America, even in Disney for DARE International. He composed the Theme Song for a Bully Awareness program form the United States Department of Education, which earned an Emmy Award for MTV! His anthem “We, Are, Drug, Free” place #1 For A Partnership For A Drug Free America! David was presented a very rare, unique award for “Promoting Positive Messages Though Music” by the United States Department of Justice, after he produced a show for the 25th Anniversary of the “Red Ribbon Rally” in the National headquarters of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington. In 2013 the Bachelors Degree in Music Technology he Created and Directed, won #2 in the industry at the “Best Colleges” rating program. All of this helped Prof. Musial to win the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Award in 2014 (along side the president of MTV! His mentor Dr. Robert A. “Bob” Moog, had won this in the past, so this is an amazing honor.) Many graduates of David’s “MusicTech KidsTM” program, are adults now and are doing marvelous things in the world of Music!

This project is 1993 to current, Volume 4 is half-way done at this post.


(Smart Trax®)

This collection of 10 songs, is from the prolific, Emmy Award, and other National Award-Winning “Smart Trax®” inspired venture, with children from 10 to 17 years of age from all over North America. It was created and produced by master Music & Video Professor David Musial.

In 1993 he composed the songs “The Video King” . This was a dedication to the fun times he had as a kid roller & ice skating and hanging out at the Orchard Park, NY Roller Rink! (This is in a suburb of Buffalo, near the Buffalo Bills Stadium.) The Video King was inspired by a true story of how one of his 11 year-old music students was treated by his dad, when the did not practice the piano and instead “overdosed” on VIDEO GAMES. (The irony: he was practicing about 2 hours a day. His dad came home early from work one day and caught him now playing a video game. LOL!!!) “Take A Stand” is the Theme Song for the “Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence” campaign created by the National Center for Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE) for the United States Department of Justice which went on to earn an Emmy Award for MTV! The Hiphop anthem “We, Are, Drug, Free!” won 1st place for “A Partnership For A Drug Free America” as was used by the United States Young Marines at a national Adult Leadership Conference and at a multitude of “DARE Graduations”. It was featured in 3 Shows at DISNEY WORLD for the 2009 International Convention. “Be G.R.E.A.T!” is the them for the United States Marshals “Gang Resistance Education And Training” program. “Food Sense” was inspired by a TV Series Musial scored for a PBS TV Nutrition series. “Spread Peace All Over The World” was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary during the grand fireworks display!


(Skate Dance 1 & 2)

Award-winning Prof. David Musial has composed over 2 albums of songs related to “Skating”, and launched the “Skate Dance Records” Indie label in 2000 with the fun release of “Skate Dance Visitation 1”.

This 10 song album contains a sampling of the first two albums, all done with kids from 10 to 17 from all over the United States. They have been performed in countless roller rinks (and one placed #1 at the Rainbow Rink near Niagara Falls.). The music video for the title track song “ SKATE DANCE”, was very popular in the early 2000’s. This song was performed in schools for thousands.

Some of the artists from Volumes 1 & 2 went on to very unique carers in the world of music & acting. Manny & Joy “MJ” Medina landed their own live TV show series in NYC after performing for arena & sports stadium shows with 10,000, 12,000, even 16,000 kids! Brady® went on to perform in Carnegie Hall, starred in 3 Off- Broadway shows including one at the “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” by Lincoln Center, the “Jelsomino” nightclub on Broadway, “Club URBO” in Times Square, on a U.S. Aircraft Carrier on live SIROUS XM National radio and even in the “Hall of Heroes” in the PENTAGON! Ashley Avis earned the title “Miss Teen Model of the Universe” at the age of 16, and she went on to direct over 100 TV Commercials in Hollywood, and recently placed high in an award from “Asiacs” and “Foot Locker” for a NYC Marathon Commercial, as well as the “Mercedes Benz” company for Film Directing! Deanna Nicolosi recored at just 13 & 14. She was compared by DJ’s and call-in listeners on the radio in NYC to “Beth Midler”! Her songs are duets with “Santiago” who co-starred in the motion picture “Girl Fight” and “Roger Ansanelli” who ironically was featured in the movie “Stepford Wives” with the non and only “Beth Midler”! He also appeared on Saturday Night Live many times and most recently at the “Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” near Lincoln Center, NYC!




This album contains compositions he coached with some of his amazing MusicTech KidsTM (and their parents too), all done with kids from 4 to 12, between 2015 & 2016 commencing with Maciej Part and his “Minecraft®” inspired “ZOMBIE DANCE” at just age 6. Musial produced a Music Video for this you can see on the main site. (Under Prof. Musial’s tutelage, Maciej played the piano and sang in his Polish church near the Statue of Liberty at just age 7 and now has also done the same on a digital Pipe Organ many times!!! ) Maciej has completed the filming of 13 Episodes for a TV series about “Mentorship” for the “NextGen Stars®” Show. Watch for a 2017 launch on a site by the same name.

The EDM Dance Anthem “Super Skate” with Rafal Wolosz age 9, was composed the last week of 2016 and recorded on January 6, 2017 with his buddy Maciej! “Raf” love to Inline Blade, Roller Skate and Ice Skate. This song along with the “Zombie Dance” song will be on the new “Skate Dance Records” 3 album.

Kevin Chang informed Prof. David during of of his MusicTech KidsTM lessons, that his favorite game “CHESS” is a VIOLENT GAME! Prof. David in shock, said what? Then the boy explained how the “knights” and “rooks” and “bishops” protect the “Queen” in her “Castle”, from the evil army & King of the other “Castle”... and then Prof. Musial thought... “hmm, you are right!” So this is how this dynamic song was “born”. All 3 boys love playing Chess and singing so, Maciej joined in the recording! Rafal also played the Trumpet. (A Music Video is in-the-works”.)

Annie and Izzie Johnson are only 8 & 4 today, but Izzie started recording with Professor Musial and Carol lester the amazing “Bubble Queen” at just the age of 2! They have 4 songs on this album and are working on a full solo album at SkyRoom Studios! They also have music videos for the Halloween & Christmas song on the main site.

Yuvraj & Siarah have never explored the world of MusicTech Software until there friend “Biddy Q” suggested that their wonderful parents visit the SkyRoom Studio. When Prof. Musial learned about the awesome work the parents do in India, he was inspired to write a song (and also a shot a music video and made a TV documentary) about it. This song was composed thinnest day and recorded the 3rd day! You may eventually see the video on the main site!

The Drummer Boy song features the singing and performances of the dynamic twins: Eric (drums) & John (trumpet) Rosado, who also live near the Statue of Liberty. They sing backup vocals on the “We Love Christmas Trees” song and are in the Music Video along with Maciej. The boys performed a live version of this song in their church under the conductor’s baton of Prof. Musial, Christmas Eve 2016. A Music Video may be seen at the church site.

So, who is “C4-AH” you might ask? Well, she is a vivacious, dramatic and very creative protege of Prof. Musial who started studying basic piano, at the request of a lovely lady named “Barbara”, when she was just 11. Musial writes at least the chorus of one song with her in the process of every lesson. One day in the summer of 2016, she wore a T-Shirt which boldly projected the phrase “LEAVE ME ALONE”. During her lesson she started getting calls on her CELL PHONE and her mother intervened. The outcome was the story of the fun and zany lyrics. The artist wished to remain “incognito” and invented this name “C4- AH”. Prof. Musial then commissioned the incredible BRADY® Cudmore, one of his superstar MusicTech Graduates from 2007, to create a artistic illustrated character based on his recollection of the many times he met this lovely human genius, and “voila”, “C4’AH” is born. Watch for an animated series maybe someday!