A “MusicTech Kid” is outgoing, rambunctious, creative in sound and art, a little zany, and eats too much sugar! LOL
Actually the most successful candidate is a kid who clearly shows an interest in singing or playing the piano/keys, guitar or drums, and is addicted to video games! The child either does not seem to keep interested in their current private lesson instructor, or if they never had one, and you feel that a typical instructor will simply not “work”, they may be a perfect match for this amazing program! Beginners ARE welcome! Most of our students are beginners but we also offer advanced personalized training.

We have a free lessons as the “audition”, where Prof. Musial himself attends in person or conducts online, and uses his nearly 40 years of experience teachings kids and adults about music, and also photography & video, to quickly deduce if the child shows “potential”.

The child should have a fairly new iPad (with the most memory possible and the "GarageBand & iMovie" Apps), a MAC Laptop is even better, a MIDI/USB Keyboard & headphones. A "piano weighted" keyboard with at least 61 keys (or more) is best. If you have an acoustic piano, then a 25 note keyboard is also suggested. PC products are "ok" but the cool GarageBand program is most popular and preferred. Your family will also get a "Google Drive" or "iCloud Drive" account for lesson file exchanges. 

Musial’s students have #1 Billboard Chart hits, performed in Disney, on TV & Radio, on Broadway, in Skating Rinks, in the Alvin Ailey America Dance Theater, in Sports Arenas, in Carnegie Hall, on Aircraft Carriers, in the Pentagon, and soon in Madison Square Garden! The earliest student was just 2 years old. He had a 6-year-old sing in Polish & English and play the Grand Piano and Pipe Organ in a Church near the Statue of Liberty at just 6 years old recently!

Prof. Musial won “Instructor-Of-The-Year” 4 times in the Music Technology Program at New York University in the mid-1990s after he completed his full sponsorship to the Juilliard School of Music. Prof. Musial inspired the creation of the “Student Division” of the “Bob Moog Foundation” in 2007. In 2010 the United States Department of Justice presented Prof. Musial a rare award for “Promoting Positive Messages Through Music” to the youth of our nation! In 2012 the Music & Technology College Bachelors Degree Program he created and directed at Stevens Institute of Technology, won second place at the distinguishes “Best Colleges” program for being the “Most Innovative Changing The Industry”! (This is sort of like a “YELP” for High School Guidance Counselors) In 2014 his birthplace city presented him along with his mentor, the great Music Technology Legend “Dr. Robert “BOB” Moog”, and the President of MTV, the impressive “Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Award”. Many of his industry associates encouraged him, so Prof. David Musial (a.k.a. Dr. D!) then decided to officially launch his “Smart Trax® Institute Of Technology” with the “MusicTech Kids™” Program as the focus!

So he knows he knows how to discover, future, encourage, develop, and launch talent ND he teaches college students how to teach in his Award-Winning style.

So he knows he knows how to discover, future, encourage, develop and launch talent ND he teaches college students how to teach in his Award-Winning style.

Send an email to Manager@MusicTechKids or call 201-659-8300 to arrange for a conversation and an "audition" session at SkyRoom Studio in downtown Jersey City by the Newport PATH/Mall (10 mins from Manhattan).