Only the finest teachers who are massively creative and have tremendous patience, AND a jovial presence, who can motivate a kid to feel free to be expressive and to create while learning, is on staff at this very unique academy. Based in the NYC area, we have an extensive array of the finest instructors. One we learn more about your child's needs, we introduce you to the best available artist.

The Creator and Executive Director David Musial is an award-winning professor of Media Arts who has produced over 100 albums, 7 with gold status (500,000 sales) and 3 with Platinum status (1,000,000+ sales), created the theme song & did the audio post for a project for the United States Department of EDUCATION about Violence/Bullying which earned an EMMY AWARD for MTV! The United States Department Of Justice awarded David for "Promoting Positive Messages Through Music" in 2010. Prof. Musial was awarded "Instructor-Of-The-Year" 4 Times in New York Universities Music Technology Department. Musial is the founder of the very unique Music & Technology Program at the prestigious Stevens Institute Of Technology across the Hudson from the Empire State Building, and his program won #2 in the nation as "Most Innovative Changing The Industry" in 2012. Musial recruited and hired all of the faculty. Some did not have the traditional college degree required to teach, one said he never attended college, (and somehow later he got an "honorable" degree), but they had incredible musicianship skills. Their natural personality demonstrated to Musial's keen sense of judging teaching abilities, to take a risk and hire these inspiring individuals. (Musial attended college for 10 years with enough course-work and life-experience for a Doctorate, hence the industry given nickname "Dr. D!) In 2014 Musial was inducted into the distinguished "Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame" along with the President of MTV!

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