OnLine Remote Lessons are suggested. (If private, they need to be in your home, local to 07310, well isolated.)
You will need to reward the instructor wih a 20% travel fee.


The First Private Seminar & Lesson are FREE!

Varous time slots Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 PM-9 PM

Beginner to Intermediate Level

Remember, electronic transactions charge procession fees.
Please make Checks payable to ONE WORLD ARTISTS, LLC
Payment for lessons is prepaid at least one month in advance.
We accept: Check, Credit Cards via PayPal
Lessons are transferable to siblings or relatives, but they are non-refundable.

Offer good through 9/1/21

Informational 1/2 Hour lunchtime
Parents of KIDS Tuesdays s12:30-1:00 Book Here
Parents of TEENS Wednesdays 12:30-1:00 Book Here
One Hour Interactive -$15/Hr
KIDS Tuesdays 1-2 PM  
TEENS Wednesdays 1-2 PM  
Packs of 4: Tues, Weds & Thurs 3-9 PM TBA
Keyboards (Piano/Organ/Synth), Song Writing, Singing & Music Video Production
1/2 Hour, 1 Hour & 2 Hour
1/2 to an Hour expected practice time
at least 5 times a week after the lesson
Ages 3-6: 30 Min Lesson
Ages 7-Adult: 60 Min
Half-Day 3-hour session
4 LESSONS in a month for 2 months

1-Hour Weekly Sessions
1 Hour expected "creation time" is expected
at least 5 times a week after the lesson

Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitars plus "1" all sing a little
Music Appreciation, Song Writing,
Singing and Music Video Production

8 lessons for only $250 special

Next Session starts in September on Saturdays
MusicTech Kids ages 5-12
Mon & Weds 9-11AM
MusicTech Teens ages 13-19
Tues & Thur 9-11AM

A PARENT or Legal Guardian/Nanny is present at all times.

Payment process:
Fees are paid monthly via cash, check, or PayPal.(which charges a small "convenience" fee.)
A 48-hour notice is needed for cancellation.

No Games on the iPhone and iPad Please
(or at least not in the Music Session 
this distracts from the lessons and from practicing)

No Food or Drink in the Studio if it is an in-person lesson
A parent brings any special liquid or snack needs (spring water is provided)
There is a rooftop garden with accommodations, but the child can only go there with a parent.

The Liability Agreement.

It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the PARENT to make sure the child practices the lesson plan at least 30 to 60 minutes EVERYDAY. This is like an after school sports commitment, except it is a very rare opportunity. Almost any kid can play baseball, or soccer, or football or lacrosse, etc. This is wonderful, but the opportunity is plentiful. If you ever come to Prof. Musial or his staff, and for any reason say that your child is not “progressing” because you do not see your child practicing, well then, this is clearly your fault. YOU MUST “PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN” and make them practice. If they miss it one day, well than twice as much the next. They take a break form VIDEO GAMEAS, Facebook, YouTube, Minecraft, etc.

David’s parents knew that he had multiple interests in sports and other creative and engineering opportunities as a child. Most of your kids are like David, or YOU would not have been drawn to this unique program. You know this. David built a “push cart” with wheels at the age of 10, and was featured on the back cover of the Buffalo Evening News. He built a 2 story club house at the age of 11, with glass windows, hinged doors and electricity (and holes for “bottle rocket launching” in case he was ambushed by neighborhood hoodlum bullies!) All this he did with his dad’s power tools, (he watched dad do construction) and David then taught his friends. (He was a teacher already then in 1971!) David built “haunted house” contraptions in his back yard including “flying ghosts” on “pulls’ and caskets that “opened” by themselves, and he “piped in” sound effects. at the age of 12!! David excelled with Basketball and street hockey of skates, but kept it as a little hobby. Mom & Dad MADE DAVID PRACTICE MUSIC EVERYDAY, according to the lesson plan of his teacher Janie! He made a sacrifice and left all of these things as “hobby” interests, and and by the age of 10 he was a PAID, FULL-TIME Professional Church Pipe Organist.

So, if your child is NOT practicing it is YOUR fault, and you are ruining this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your child! Make your child select ONE (1) sport and then let the sport be 2nd priority. It takes 2-3 years of basic lessons of Music Scales/Chords/Rhythms before the child simply wants to “practice”. All traditional music private instructors know this. What David and his instructors do in the MusicTech Kids program, is show your child how to practice the “boring” standard requirements with the FUN MusicTech tools. Then as you know if you watch the videos on this site, your child learns how to use these “boring” skills to make songs and then music vides!

Very few kids get the opportunity to study with an award-winning professor who has an Emmy for the U.S. Department of Education, a rare & unique award for “Promoting Positive Messages Through Music” to the Youth of our Nation, a #1 song for the Partnership for a Drug Free America, has produced musical shows for DARE International in Disney, for the U.S. Young Marines in the HALL OF HEROES in the Pentagon and has received the very distinguished “Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame” award with the President of MTV & along with THE Most famous Music Technology Legend Dr. Robert “BOB” Moog! Musial was presented the “Instructor-Of-The-Yearn award by the New York University Music Technology Undergraduate Student Government FOUR TIEMS in the mid 1990’s after he finished what he was informed to be the first Doctorate level program. (The chairman of the program never won this award in the 7 years Musial was an Adjunct Professor at NYU!) Prof. Musial inspired the creation of the STUDENT DIVISION of the exclusive “BOB MOOG FOUNDATION” in 2007. The Bachelors Degree program Prof. Musial founded and directed at the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology, won 2nd in the nation at the “Best Colleges” organization for “MOST INNOVATIVE CHANGING THE INDUSTRY. This is like “YELP” for High School Guidance Counsellors for College Direction!

Again, so if your child is NOT practicing it is YOUR fault. Your child is extremely blessed to be in this high unique, cutting edge program. Look at what is said in these testimonials.



iPad (the newer and more memory the better)

GarageBand App
(more may be suggeted based on your level)

A Parent's Gmail account for Google Drive storage

A desire for creativity!

A nice option...

Musical Keyboard USB/MIDI Controller
(With a minimum of 25 keys, the more, the better)


Professor Musial dedicated many years to private lessons and practice and then 10 years to full-time college studies in the filed, like Medical Doctors and Lawyers, and we know their fees! So with this in mind, and his passion for the art and teaching, his fees are extrremely modest and affordable. (He charges a minimum fare rate of $125 as a professioanl Keyboard/Music producer & consultant for commercial sessions.)
Liability Policy