Conceived, teaching Composer, Producer, Engineered and Videos Directed by Prof. David Musial

The videos show us on large Festival Stages and in Massive Parades... the largest in America and on for the WORLD!


1 What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day Rafal Wolosz-8, Maciej-9 & Emilia-8 Part & Julia Poreda-10 Poland YES
2 Proud To BE! Eric-14, John-14, Sophia Rosado 6 Puerto Rico YES
3 My Irish Fries Are Smiling! Jay Jay E- 12 Ireland YES
4 Horray For Holi Hai Annie 4 & Izzie 8 Johnson India YES
5 Hey It's Not New Years Kevin Chang-11 & Jay Jay E-11 Chinese  
6 I'm A HaitiaRican Joshua Pierre-7 Haiti & Puerto Rico  
7 So You Love Our Dressing? Marc? -11 Rusian  
8 There's More To Us Than Pasta! Vinny-10 & Angelica-10 Italy  
9 Do You Like Thai Food? Armando -10 & Magnolia-9 Phillipines  


What Am I? Eric Sayah-12 Ireland, France, Canada, Spain & Bolivia