Prof. Musial has been using Music Technology Tools
since1967 and started to use them to help him at age 18
to teach private Music Lessons since 1978 with his “Minimoog Synthesizer”.

David eventually meant his Music Technology Mentor "Bob Moog"
and they became friends!

Some of his studenst have gone on to do anazing things like this....

Manny & Joy “MJ” Medina. MusicTech Kids & Teens
This dynamic brother and sister act were only 6 & 8 years old when Prof. David started to train and develop them. They have gone on to all kinds of stages from schools, to skating rinks to massive sports arenas to Disney! They made many music videos and had their very own NYC Music Video TV Show! Manny went on solo for a little and won 1st place on a live show on MTV! Manny got married and named his first child “David”. He is a proud active member of the U.S. Air Force serving our country in South Korea in 2017. Joy is active in the Television and Film worlds and she performed with Manny in the U.S Capital for the 25th Anniversary of the Red Ribbon Rally for Drug Education and received along with Prof. Musial a rare award for “Promoting Positive Messages to the Youth Of The Nation”! In 2012 Joy performed David’s patriotic anthem “Brave New American Heroes” on the flight deck of the U.S.S. WASP Aircraft Carrier on the Hudson River on Manhattan for Fleet Week and it was broadcast LIVE on a SIRIUS XM Radio!

Brady® Cudmore MusicTech Teens and coach for MusicTech Kids
Brady proclaimed to Prof. Musial at the age of 17, that he was “Moving To NYC To find a School for Music Technology because I want to be a POP STAR”! Well, he did just that, and Prof. Musial signed him to the parent company “Smart Trax®” and we installed a special recording studio in his home, way up in Prince Edward Island, Canada… where he could see a potato field and a barn outside his windows! Brady was the oldest MusicTech Kid because he was not 19 yet, and he “soared” through the program with lessons from “Dr. D” via phone and Skype. His dad (who plays guitars and also writes songs) was so intrigued, that he observed and now he has over 250 songs compose and recorded with many music videos as well… all about FISHING! He calls himself the “King Fish Man” LOL. Brady moved to NYC for college by becoming an official “apprentice” at SkyRoom Studio and he has now recorded over 50 songs & made many music videos. Brady studied guitar with Carlos Alomar, a music director for David Bowie who also plays guitars on some of his songs. He has 10 record producers assisting him including Hollywood Sound Designer Legend: Frank Serafine who ordered Musial to “sign Brady” when he heard him sing the day after Musial met him in 2007. Brady has performed all over America from school and rinks to starring in Off-Broadway Musicals, performing on Broadway in an exclusive music nightclub, at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, in a “Doritos Super Bowl” Commercial contest, on an Aircraft Carrier playing drums and singing lead vocals on National Radio, in Carnegie Hall, the National Anthem in front of Madison Square Garden, the U.S Capital for the 25th Anniversary of the Red Ribbon Rally, on Radio & TV, in Disney and even in the HALL OF HEROES in the PENTAGON! Phew! Now Brady is completing his 5th studio album. “Julio Fernandez”, the multi-gold and Grammy Winning incredible guitarist from the Jazz Band “Spyro Gyra” played guitars on three of these songs. Brady is now like a self-contained “Saturday Night Live meets Carol Burnet meets Robin Williams meets Portlandia and Wayne’s World in his new social media platform. He has created several new songs, lots of graphic art illustrations including ALL of the characters for the MusicTech Kids Book Cover and Theme Song, and new zany character skits like “Cleaning with Mel, Tammy Fitzpatrick from Wisconsin and Scooby Dupree the Screaming Newscaster"! In 2020 Brady has performed live at a multitude of clubs in New York City and has been featured on many social media shows. Check him out at & also Facebook/Brady’s World.

ASHLEY AVIS MusicTech Teens
Ashley Avis-Winters, one of Prof. Musial's protegés in the early days of my unique MusicTech Teens® program in my Smart Trax ® Institute of Technology. He made several songs and directed music videos with her for Smart Trax® Institute and Skate Dance Records and more between 2005-2008, shortly after she was presented the title "Miss Teen Model Of The Universe" at age 16. Now in 2020, she continues her journey as an amazing, promising Hollywood TV Commercial & Film Director. Recently she produced & directed the film "BLACK BEAUTY" in Africa, was featured in a TV Commercial for "Jaguar" automobiles and now she is working on a project with Ron Howard. 

KAYO MusicTech Teens

Kevin Anthony Orsino a.k.a. "KAYO" met Prof. Musial in 2005 at a contest he inspired which was run by "A Partnership For A Drug-Free New Jersey. After he won 1st place at the songwriting event for his original "March", Musial tossed him a postcard with his Smart Trax® website. KAYO phoned the next day and announced that he composed another song and it's for him titled "I'm Different"! Well, he certainly is! Musial produced many songs and music videos and eventually live stage shows with KAYO, all the way to the U.S. National Young Marines Leadership Conference, the International Convention for D.A.R.E. in Disney, and even the U.S Capital for the 25th Anniversary of the Red Ribbon Rally! Now KAYO has appeared on and produced over 350 episodes where he gives in partnership with the basketball legend "SHAQ", raw feedback on LIVE Music Review Facebook show receiving 1000's of views from key people including DJs, Artists, Fans, Record Labels & more watching your review, hearing your song & leaving feedback.

THE ROSADOS MusicTech Kids & Teens

Eric & John Rosado are a dynamic twin brother dual from the Statue of Liberty area of Jersey City. They Sing & Act, compose songs play a little keys, and Trumpet (John) and Drums (Eric). They were "discovered" in 2016 at the age of 12 when they signed up to sing in a Christmas Concert in a church. They got involved in this unique "MusicTech Kids®” program where they were taught by the award-winning Prof. David Musial, how to begin to compose and record songs. As graduates, they are now in the MusicTech Teens® program. They have been given opportunities to act in music videos, a fun made for kids movie, they released a full album in 2019 and have performed on huge stages and in massive parades for over 1 Million People!

The song “Shooting Star” is their first original and is a comedic treatment about Eric’s passion for “Baseball” and John’s for “Star Wars”! “In My Arms” is a gentle message about well, what usually begins to happen at their age! “It’s Oblivious” is a very serious statement charity fundraising song to help their grandmother rebuild her home, which was destroyed in Hurricane “Maria” in Puerto Rico in 2017. They composed it with Prof. David, their mom “MARIA” and their little 5-year-old sister “Sophia”. 100% of all net income for this song will be donated to gram Rosado and any leftover to the MusicTech Kids® program.

During the summer of 2016, they visited just about every major boardwalk on the Jersey Shore shooting scenes for a comedy movie called “The Mermaid Mysteries”, from Cape May (where they met some “ghosts”) to Ocean City, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Asbury Park and then finally to the 35th Annual “Mermaid Parade” in Coney Island, NYC. The “Mermaid Dance” is destined to be an Ocean Beach Sensation! LOL!!! It was released as a “school class-project” at the Smart Trax® Institute of Technology a non-profit pending venture.

Currently, they are working on some Reggaeton tunes including “Quinceanera”!
Stay tuned to their site and the television venture NextGen Stars® MusicTech Kids & Teens.

Prof. Musial
June 2020
One World Artists Management 

Sophia Rosado is a real zesty “spitfire”! First of all, she is sincerely adorable, sweet & charming but DO NOT PUSH HER BUTTON! (Eric or John… LOL) She sings, acts, dances, and even writes lyrics which was noticed at just 4 years old. Between ages at 5-8 she co-starred in a Movie about “Ghosts & Mermaids” called "THE MERMAID MYSTERIES" stars in her own Music Video “I’m Not A Ghost”, and has been on stages for thousands already with the amazing Carol Lester aka the “Bubble Queen", and also over a million people in Puerto Rican festivals including the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC!

Sophia ROSADO began her career at the age of four when she was introduced to Prof. David Musial at a Christmas concert near the Statue of Liberty. Her brothers performed in it and the three children were invited to participate in a special scholarship in the MusicTech Kid’s program. Sophia is unique. He’s a strong words, I understand. she is vivacious, highly driven, loaded with energy, likes to pop in the photos whenever possible and to antagonize her older twin brothers LOL. She has recorded songs and has made music videos. In early 2020 she gave an incredible dance recital at a wonderful private studio near the Statue of Liberty. MusicTech Kids

Prof. Musial
June 2020
One World Artists Management

When the boy was just 11, around 1991, his father approached Prof. Musial at the console of a Pipe Organ perched high in a loft at Sts. Peter & Paul Church in Hoboken, NJ. He excitedly proclaimed that he must "teach his son" because he "had a gift"! The boy could hear a song and simply start to play it with 2 hands on a keyboard! Musial declined the invitation but the next week he saw the boy do it, so he signed him a scholarship to the very early stages of MusicTech Kids! He started to record an album with the child. Jésus starred in a Christmas Musical Musial produced and conducted and then took a break. Musial wrote a song about his passion for video games titled the “Video King”.. The boy now has a son this age and works in the world of Film & Animation for Hollywood projects!

MACIEJ PART MusicTech Kids
Maciej Part at age 6 1/2 jumped onto the bench of a pipe organ at a church in Statue of Liberty just after Prof. Musial finished playing his very first service at the 8 AM Polish mass. Prof. Musial‘s grandparents came to America through Ellis Island from the country of Poland, but the family never taught him the language as a child however he could read the music. Maciej Startled him and put his little fingers on the lower keyboard and Boulee asked if he could teach him to play the pipe organ. Musial asked him how old he was and he said: “seven” (in the Polish culture you say you are the age of the year that you are approaching). Musial remembers that he was seven when he started taking organ lessons. And then within a split second, his father shows up holding a little one-year-old baby girl and the mother shows up and quickly asked if they could hire him to teach their son to play the pipe organ.

They rushed outside not to interrupt the beginning of the next service and sat on the steps of the church for a long time since Musial was a college professor, he politely told them three times “no I am not able to teach your son“. Well after speaking to Musial‘s on childhood music teacher and who the journalist was writing a biography about his music they both convinced him to teach the boy. This was a very wise decision because the boy shows tremendous promise.

Maciej wrote and recorded a song with Musial who then produce it into a music video before he was seven and shortly after he turned seven he played the grand piano and sang in Polish at the very same church they met!!! They have gone on to write many songs together and make many more music videos and the boy has been approved to submit an audition video just sing for 22,000 people in Madison Square Garden. He’s performed on the pipe organ in a huge cathedral in Newark New Jersey and has recently performed in the largest parade in the world for the Polish festival a Dyngus Day! A segment aired on ABC television in Musial‘s hometown of Buffalo New York. Maciej is now focusing on becoming a YouTuber!

RAFAL WOLOSZ MusicTech Kids & Teens
At the age of eight Rafael met Prof. Musial when he saw his 6 1/2-year-old friend starting to play the pipe organ at a church near the Statue of Liberty. He would often pop in and take a peek and then disappear. But one day his grandfather walked him over to Prof. Musial holding a trumpet and he says it’s time for him to hire the professor to teach him in the MusicTech Kid program. Rafal learned The basics of playing a keyboard, his family then acquired synthesizers, and he started to write songs with Professor Musial. He did some stage performances with the amazing Bubble Queen and eventually a music video with a Broadway and a TV star.

One day he walked into the studio with his iPhone 8 and proclaimed that he finishes EDM techno homework… That song evolved into a song he co-wrote with me as you called “what the heck is Dyngus day” and in 2019 he performed in the biggest parade in the world. In 2020 elements were aired and have recently performed in the largest parade in the world for the Polish festival a Dyngus Day!

Now as a MusicTech Teens he’s learning to become a music producer and is learning about digital trumpets and will be writing in the MusicTech Teens magazine

JAY JAY E MusicTech Kids
James Ecock a.k.a. “JAY JAY E”, is a 12-year-old dynamic singer, songwriter, keyboardist, guitar, and actor. He was discovered by Professor David Musiol when his parents registered in the very unique MusicTech Kids®️ program. He has learned to compose a variety of songs that are spunky and funny and loves the music of the 1960s and 1970s, especially the “Beatles”, and groups like “Kansas” as well as “STYX” and artist like “Billy Joel”! he loves to be on stage and is loaded with energy… His first solo album “THEN & NOW” was released on 3/17/20. He has been blessed with the amazing talents of studio musicians to play Nas album like “Kenny Hawkins” and “Tom Lorentz” who ​have​ perform​ed ​with ​great superstars like “Taylor Swift” and “Rick James”. Jay Jay has made many music videos that you can see on his site and shows great promise! MusicTech Kids
One World Artists Management


There are many more stories here for what Prof. Musial has done for some of his over 1000 college students…

WAYNE SHARPE was inspired by Musial to change his college major to “Sound Recording Technology” in 1983 when he was an 18-year-old freshman and his career has skyrocketed to 2 Emmy Award Nominations, music for the Olympics, Miss America, Miss Universe, #1 Bollywood Movie Scores, 100’s of TV Commercials & soundtrack scores, the CBS TV National Evening News Theme, the CBS 2016 Presidential Election Theme, the IMAX FILMS GLOBAL Logo Them (used to open STAR WARS 2016)!
DANIEL SMITHtransferred into Musial's award-winning Musci Technology Program at Stevens Institute of Technology as a sophomore after he heard a presentation he gave to his brother in high school. Smith proclaimed in his first advising meeting not "I Wish", or "I Want: but "I Will earn a #1 Record on the Billboard Charts BEFORE I graduate!" Ambitious dreams! So Musial does what he does and continues to inspire. He eventually got him internships at "Cherry Lane Music Publishing" (Elvis Presley's publishing company) and Atlantic Records. (Musial knew the founder, the president, and the vice president.) One day in his last semester he knocked on his office door and slapped a CD on his desk and said"I DID IT". Daniel got on a #1 Album by producing the music for a new 14-year-old singer named Jacob Latimore. The album also had "Taylor Swift, Eminem, PiNK, Ke$ha, Katy Pery, Chris Brown" and someone Musial knew personally, "Trey Songz". Daniel went on to produce a song title "DJ Turn It Up" with Brady®

Ken was Prof. Musial's very first recruitee and major at Stevens Institute of Technology. Musial was his advisor and quickly identified great promise in his abilities. He had aspired to become both a Music Producer and a Music Photographer. Ken dreamed of working for "Rolling Stone Magazine" someday. Musial assigned him to be the publicist for the student-owned record company "Castle Point Records". He quickly advanced t become the president! Musial coached him to make stage & TV appearances and supervised his thesis project. Musial got him an internship at Rolling Stone Magazine and then upon graduation, this dream came true and he landed a job! He moved on to SPIN, ABC TV NEWS, and then the Wall Street Journal!

Emily studied under Prof. Musial at New York University in the mid-1990s. Musial was the very 1st student in the prestigious Master's in music technology at NYU and Emily followed in his footsteps. Musial studied with the Master of "Mastering Education" Prof. David Moulton at the Fredonia State University of NY. He created the "Golden Ears" Mastering Training program as was recently announced by the Audio Engineering Society as the finest! Emily became a mastering engineer of the highest order. She was nominated 5 times and in 2019 she finally won a Grammy Award for Mastering. The host "Alicia Keys", after First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance, with great excitement stated that it was the MOST HISTORIC GRAMMY ever because she was for the first WOMAN to earn this prestigious award! Professor Musial gleams with joy.
So, If you would like your child to study with Professor Musial, sighn up OnLine or send him a message