June 25 to August 31, 2018

You can send your child to the “typical” Summer Day Camp, which is fun and maybe educational; and then you can send your creative child to the Famous, Zany and Outrageously Creative “MusicTech Kids™ Summer Day Camp”… where your family and friends will be raving about the amazing music videos your kid writes and creates! They will use keyboards (and their own instruments if they bring them) and music software on thier iPads or MacBooks as well as the big studio system. After we write and record a song about something that you kid is interested in, we will use the video cameras on their devices or the studios and make a music video. (We may need to go to a public park to get some "shots".) A parent or guardian/nanny, must be present and can enjoy the awesome 35th floor rooftop garden attached to the studio, while the camp is in progress. (Most parent simply love “hanging’ in the incredible SkyRoom Studio while we work. Some will simply “catch some golden sun rays” at the penthouse garden as they are sensed by their child’s creations. This is NOT your typical music lesson or summer camp!

Now this is different!™

Introductory offer until JUNE 1, 2018
Only $875 SOLO for the week ($1,200/week late registration)

( 20% more/wk late registration)
$225 for 4 Kids
$300 for 3 Kids
$450 for 2 Kids

3 Hours a day for 5 weekdays or 15 hours
(10 am to 1 PM) or (2 PM to 5 PM)
(the Jersey City average private lesson rate is currently about $60/hr x 15 hrs =$900)

If we need to go to a public park for a video shoot, the parent will need to provide transportation or reimburefor transport.
(Most likely we will just wlak a few blocks to Hamilton Park.)
The payment policy is 50% at the time of booking and 50% on day one.

Cancellation Policy:
100% full refund with a 30 day advance notice
50% partial refund with a 2 week notice
0% refund on any days missed.

Due to the incredible testimonials and awards this program has earned,
this first time camp opportunity is bound to get booked very fast,
(just like “Dr. D’s award-winning college MusicTech Classes have done all the time!)


Copyright ownership policy. 50% your child-family/50% the MusicTech Kids company and is published by OneWam Music Publishing. This means that your child maintains ownership of his/her contribution for life with the instructor who will teach the writing process. Your tuition is for facility rental.

The song and video WILL NOT BE MADE PUBLIC (YouTube/Facebook, etc), unless you would like to share in the excitement and sign a standard release form, which states that your child receives proper standard broadcast royalties if any evolve. Most parents enjoy this option as you can easily see on our site and social media channels.

Our Motto: When it come to Music, if it’s not fun… DON’t DO IT!

BOOK EARLY by emailing
or simply call 201-659-8300