This is not your basic/simple ordinary (boring) "piano" lesson.
It's way beyond and way more fun!

Free Informational 1/2 Hour lunchtime SEMINARS
One Hour Interactive WEBINARS

Keyboards (Piano/Organ/Synth), Song Writing, Singing & Music Video Production
1/2 Hour, 1 Hour & 2 Hour
1/2 to an Hour expected practice time at least 5 times a week after the lesson

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So... how does this work? It's fun and easy!
We meet once a week for 1 hour on the screen with the teacher, who has multiple cameras in use so it is almost like bering there in person! The student is in a be in a relatively QUIET public room in your home with a pareny or gusrdian present. (Parents, you will be saying "MY KID's ADDICTED TO MAKING MUSIC! Sorry :-)
Your kid learns the basic about playing keys (piano, organ or synthesizer), singing, songwriting, and the basic styles of music; plus they get a unique introduction to the technology that is already in their hands (iPhones, iPads, etc). Music & Video can help channel these energies and Prof. David has developed a very powerful method, to help the child direct this energy in creative arts. Look at the videos on the sites! See the "outcomes".
Oh, this is not your “ordinary” kids group music lesson!

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